„Neolithic in Macedonia: challenges for new discoveries“

For already four years the conference ‘Neolithic in Macedonia’ brings archaeologists that are involved in research of the first agricultural societies in the Republic of Macedonia and neighboring countries. As the number of projects and collaborations enlarges so thus the interest for participation in this nowadays international conference. The ten papers presented in this publication deal with different aspects of the Neolithic in Macedonia and provide thorough insight into various cathegories of social, economic and symbolic processes among first farmers. It is apparent that such societies inhabited diverse environments and adjusted their modes of living acording to resources and landscapes where they dwelled. The results of research presented in these papers asserts the cultural abundance of agricultural communities and the broad perspectives for their understanding.

As always the Center for Prehistoric Research will continue with the affirmation of the Neolithic and its social, economic and symbolic components through the novel modes of research and presentation of the cultural heritage associated with it. In such way, this publication emphasizes the attempts of current archaeologists and their challenges in the understanding of the complex Neolithic societies.